Honda Malaysia speeds ahead in Q1 2024

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Honda Malaysia is off to a roaring start in 2024, reporting a strong 23% year-over-year (YoY) increase in sales for the first quarter. This translates to a significant jump from 16,500 units sold in Q1 2023 to a whopping 21,500 units delivered in the first three months of this year.

This positive momentum comes as Honda Malaysia sets its sights on an ambitious sales target of 95,000 units for 2024. With Q1 sales already exceeding expectations, the company is well on track to achieve this goal, which represents a 19% increase from the previous year's target.

Honda attributes this sales success to several factors, including the continued popularity of its HR-V and CR-V SUVs. Both models remain segment leaders, with the CR-V receiving a full redesign in December 2023. The facelifted City sedan, launched in August 2023, has also been a strong performer.

Honda Malaysia has confirmed the launch of two new models in 2024. One has already been revealed: the facelifted Honda City Hatchback, which recently debuted. The second model is shrouded in a bit more mystery, but speculation points towards the highly anticipated Civic facelift. The refreshed Civic debuted in the United States earlier this year, and its arrival in Malaysia is eagerly awaited.

Honda Malaysia has also expressed a focus on expanding its e:HEV hybrid offerings. This suggests that we can expect more models with electrified powertrains to be introduced throughout the year, catering to the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles.

With a strong start in Q1 and a commitment to introducing new models, Honda Malaysia is positioned for a successful year. The arrival of the new Civic facelift and a continued emphasis on electrification are sure to keep customers excited and showrooms busy.

This positive sales performance is a testament to Honda Malaysia's commitment to delivering high-quality, fuel-efficient vehicles. If you're considering a new Honda, stay tuned for updates on the upcoming new models and visit your nearest Honda Malaysia dealership for a test drive.

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