Raya Haji toll travels: top tips to breeze through (without toll booth panic!)

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Raya Haji is a joyous time for reunions and celebrations. But for many Malaysians, it also means navigating the busy highways. Tolls can add stress if you're unprepared. Here's how to ensure a smooth toll journey during Raya Haji:

Plan Your Trip, Avoid Peak Hours:

Raya Haji Traffic: Traffic spikes during specific times. Research travel advisories from PLUS  or Anih Berhad to identify peak hours and plan accordingly.

Toll-Free Windows: Luckily, the Malaysian government often announces toll-free windows during Raya. Stay updated on official announcements to potentially avoid tolls altogether.

Ensure Sufficient Balance:

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1718092617767 Raya+Haj+%283%29Top Up Before You Travel: Long queues and insufficient balance can be frustrating. Top up your electronic toll collection (ETC) card (Touch 'n Go, SmartTAG) or e-wallet (Touch 'n Go eWallet, ShopeePay) well before your trip.

Carry Backup: Consider having a backup payment method, like a secondary ETC card with enough balance or cash for emergencies.

Be Smart at the Toll Booth:

Dedicated Lanes: Look for designated lanes for your payment method (ETC, cash, etc.) to avoid delays.

Double-Check: Briefly check your receipt to ensure the toll charge is accurate, especially during peak hours.

Stay Updated on Traffic:

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1718092642474 MotoristMotorist Apps: Download popular motorist apps like Waze or Google Maps. These provide real-time traffic updates and can help you choose the fastest route, potentially avoiding congested toll plazas.

Raya Haji is a time for celebration, not toll booth stress. By planning your trip, topping up your e-wallet, being strategic at the toll plaza, and staying informed with motorist apps, you can ensure a smooth and joyful journey home.

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