Report foreign vehicles filling up with RON95, urges PDAM

Published by on . Updated on 25 Jun 2024
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The Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia (PDAM) is urging Malaysians to be vigilant after a video went viral showing a foreign-registered vehicle pumping RON95 petrol. This subsidized fuel is intended for Malaysian citizens, and PDAM emphasizes the importance of reporting such incidents to ensure fair use of taxpayer funds.

Why You Should Report

RON95 is a subsidized fuel in Malaysia, meaning the government regulates its price to keep it affordable for citizens. When foreign vehicles fill up with RON95, it strains the system meant to benefit Malaysians.

What To Do

Instead of just filming the incident, PDAM encourages people to take action:

  • Inform Staff Immediately:  Alert the petrol station cashier or forecourt staff as soon as you see a foreign vehicle filling up with RON95.
  • Cashiers Can Help:  Station cashiers have the ability to remotely deactivate the pump, stopping the transaction.

Current Challenges

PDAM acknowledges the limitations of the current system:

  • Legal Loopholes: There are currently no laws penalizing foreign drivers who purchase RON95.
  • Difficult Enforcement: Catching offenders is hard, especially with credit card transactions.

Working Together for a Solution

PDAM is calling for collaboration between the public and authorities to address this issue. By reporting these incidents and working with relevant agencies, Malaysians can help ensure that subsidized fuel benefits those it's intended for.

Be Part of the Solution

The next time you see a foreign vehicle filling up with RON95, don't hesitate to report it to the petrol station staff. By working together, Malaysians can ensure fair and responsible use of subsidized fuel.

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