Xpeng G6 electric SUV zooms into Malaysia

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Electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts in Malaysia, rejoice! The highly anticipated Xpeng G6 is poised to hit the roads soon, as evidenced by the brand's official Malaysian website and social media channels going live.

A New Dawn in Electric Refinement

Xpeng, a leading Chinese electric carmaker, has set up shop in Malaysia with Bermaz Auto as its official distributor. The company's local website features a prominent tagline, "A New Dawn in Electric Refinement," hinting at a sophisticated and stylish EV experience. Their Facebook and Instagram profiles echo this sentiment, showcasing the Xpeng logo alongside the same tagline. While details are still scarce, these online presences strongly suggest an imminent launch of the Xpeng G6 in Malaysia.

Competitive Features and Potential Price Point

The Xpeng G6, first unveiled in April 2023, is a crossover electric SUV that boasts an impressive CLTC-rated range of up to 755 kilometers. This translates to potentially less range anxiety for Malaysian drivers. In Thailand, the G6 comes in two variants: Standard Range and Long Range. The Malaysian launch is expected to follow a similar model, with pricing potentially starting around RM180,000 (based on estimates and Thailand's launch prices). This could position the Xpeng G6 as a compelling alternative to established options like the Tesla Model Y.

Stay Tuned for the Official Reveal

With the Malaysian website and social media channels up and running, the official launch of the Xpeng G6 in Malaysia appears to be right around the corner. Local car enthusiasts can stay tuned for more details on the official unveiling, specifications, pricing, and pre-order options by following Xpeng Malaysia's online channels.

Electric Vehicle Landscape in Malaysia

The arrival of the Xpeng G6 signifies a growing trend of electric vehicle adoption in Malaysia. With established players like Tesla and the upcoming introduction of the Xpeng G6, Malaysian consumers will have a wider range of electric SUVs to choose from. This increased competition is likely to benefit consumers by driving innovation and potentially lowering prices.

The Xpeng G6's upcoming launch in Malaysia is a welcome development for the country's electric vehicle landscape. With its extended range, competitive pricing (anticipated), and the brand's focus on refinement, the Xpeng G6 has the potential to be a game-changer in the Malaysian electric SUV market. Stay tuned for the official reveal and see if the Xpeng G6 lives up to the hype!

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