How Do You Increase Your Car’s Value?

Published by on . Updated on 16 Feb 2022

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So, you are thinking about selling your car. Obviously, you would want the maximum value you can get out of your car when you sell it.

While there are already rough estimates of your car’s value based on its make, model and age that you can’t control, there are other things you can do to get top dollar for your car.

1) Mileage

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One big aspect used car dealers and buyers look at when examining a car is its mileage. The more a car has travelled, the more likely it requires higher than usual maintenance and service fees to keep in good condition.

So, do keep that in mind when you are considering driving your car for a short trip that can be accomplished instead with a short walk.

2) Maintenance and Service

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In our first point we brought up the point of maintenance and service, which you should definitely not try to cut corners with. Although it might help you save on money in the near future, in the long run however, your car might not be able to run as well as it should. This, in turn, might lead to you spending money on costly repairs.

You should also be sure to keep your tire pressure at your car manufacturer’s recommended level. Improperly inflated tires can decrease gas mileage performance by around 3%, and not to mention, unbalanced tyre pressures affect performance and safety as well.

When maintaining and servicing your car, be sure to keep all records of that. That means saving all your receipts and invoices for your car in a simple folder. That way, when you do eventually sell your car, you can reassure the buyer that you have not neglected your car’s health and safety during the time you owned it.

3) Repairs

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When most, if not all drivers do repair their cars after heavy damage has been sustained, the same can’t be said for small cosmetic damages like bumps and dents. While such damages usually don’t affect a car’s performance, it does often affect its price as most used car buyers want a car in near-showroom condition.

Also be sure to keep a look out for warning lights on the dashboard and listen out for unusual coming from your car. While it is extremely easy to ignore such signs from your car, it could often lead to big problems if you don’t get the small problems settled.

4) Modifications

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Although you may have sunk a fortune into modifying your car to make it “better”, that doesn’t automatically translate into a higher price for your car.

You may be proud with your job of lowering your car or altering the suspension to make the car sportier, but not everyone will see it the same way. Most practical car buyers would prefer a car in stock-condition over a modified car as there would be fewer things to worry about.

With that in mind, some examples of modifications that would appeal to a large audience include an upgraded entertainment system and phone-charging capabilities.

5) Outer Beauty

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Do you remember the shine your car had when first you saw it? Ok, look at your car now. If there is a big difference, it’s time you do something about it. Wax and polish your car to protect its paint and to make it shine brightly under the blazing Malaysian sun once again!

When car buyers look at your car for the first time, the first thing they notice is the car’s exterior. A good first impression never hurt anyone, so make your car shine bright like a diamond!

6) Wash Your Car

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Speaking about making a good impression, a dirty car is also a big turn off for car buyers. Be sure to clean your car’s interior as well as exterior often. You can do it yourself or bring it to your nearest neighbourhood car wash joint, in which Malaysia has plenty of.

While a dirty car shouldn’t necessarily affect its paper value, it would affect its face value to potential buyers as many of them might see it as a sign of a poorly maintained vehicle.

7) Use Motorist

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Although using our services does not necessary increase your car’s value, it helps you to get the most value out of your car. bridges you to our network of almost 500 used car dealers. All you have to do is provide your car’s details to us, and we will give you a completely free quote for your car with no strings attached.

With our method, we are finding the best price for anyone looking to sell their cars in Malaysia. We have successfully transacted over 11,000 vehicles worth over RM600,000,000, with thousands of satisfied users to match. Why not be our next satisfied customer by getting the maximum value possible for your car?

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