5 Road Trips To Go On When The Pandemic Is Over

Published by on . Updated on 23 Feb 2022
Been stuck at home since the start of the CMCO? Are you urge to travel too much to contain? We compiled a list of 6 road trips you have to go on when the pandemic is over. For this list, we tried to make most of the major cities starting points and we also tried to include places that are unique and rich in both history and culture which we hope to make for a fulfilling trip.


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1) Johor Bahru to Malacca

Malacca is one of the most culturally rich locations in Malaysia as it is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site as one of the historic cities in the Straits of Malacca. Unlike most other travel destinations in Malaysia, Malacca has cultural influences from the Portuguese, Dutch and English.

Some of the must-visit places in Malacca include A Famosa fort, St Paul’s Church and the Melaka Sultanate Palace.

For the foodies, don’t forget to visit Jonker Street for the famous chicken rice balls, Nyonya laksa, cendol, Malaccan wonton noodles and fish ball soup.

The journey is 216km long, making it the perfect road trip to take over the weekend.

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2) Kuala Lumpur to Penang

From the capital of Malaysia to the capital of food, one should make the pilgrimage to Penang at least once in their life, more if you are living in Malaysia. What makes Penang the epicentre of food in Malaysia is the variety of noodle-based dishes. From the smoky Char Kway Teow to the rich and aromatic Assam Laksa and sinful Wanton Noodles. Before ending your gluttonous journey with a bowl of ice-cold Cendol.

Not only is the destination a gold mine, but the journey itself from KL is packed with amazing stops and activities. For those looking for a multi-day road trip, be sure to stopover in Ipoh which is a 2.5-hour drive from KL to soak in the rich culture and history of the former tin capital of the world.

From Ipoh, it’s another 2.5-hour journey to Penang which makes the 367km drive an excellent road trip for you to go on with friends and family after the Pandemic is over.

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3) Penang to Cameron Highlands

Looking to seek some respite from the blisteringly hot weather and humidity in Penang? There is no better place to drive to than Cameron Highlands.

Situated between 800 metres to 1,600 metres above sea level, temperatures in Cameron Highlands have not exceeded 28 degrees in the past year making it the ideal road trip destination to escape the tropical heat.

Not only is the climate to die for, but for those with a thumb, there is no other place that cultivates agriculture and nature as well. From the strawberry fields to tea plantations, Honey farms and lavender gardens there something for everyone.

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4) Kota Bahru to Kuantan

For those seeking adventure, look no further than Kuantan, a 361km drive from Kota Bahru. Kuantan offers adrenaline junkies and nature lovers an unparalleled experience. Stay in the Parallel cabins and wake up to the birdsongs and luscious greenery.

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Afterwards, treat yourself to a stunning display of rainbows at the rainbow waterfall located in Sungei Lembing between 9-10 am when the sun is still low.

If you’re an early bird, be sure to not miss out on the views at the appropriately named Bukit Panorama where its sunrise views are as good as it gets. One should aim to start climbing at 5:30 am as it is a 40-minute climb to the peak where the sky starts to transform into a Bob-ross-like palette of pink and bright blue.

Feelin’ hungry after your climb? Kuantan is home to many rustic cafes that offer pastries like mango cheesecake or ordinary café fares such as eggs benedict and waffles.


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5) Johor Bahru to Desaru

Cooped up for too long at home and craving for a beach holiday? Desaru is the spot. With 6km of pearl white beaches and a 1 hour 15 min drive from JB.

Desaru is an underrated hotspot for the ultimate beach-themed Malaysia road trip. Not only can it be a relaxing getaway for the adults it also has adrenaline-filled water parks for the kids, making this the perfect travel destination for the family.

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