North-South Highway to Transition to RFID Tags from 15 Jan 2022, TnG and SmartTAG to Slowly Phase Out

Published by on . Updated on 21 Feb 2022

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1639731484493 Rfid Tags Replacing Touch N Go Smart Tag Featured(Photo Credit: The Malaysian Reserve)

Touch ‘n Go and SmartTag toll payment methods will be phased out in favour of contactless RFID tags as the Ministry of Works (KKR) takes measures in line with the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Blue Print.

Long queues at toll plazas can be common on Malaysian expressways and it gets worse during festive seasons. As part of the ITS, the Multi-lane free flow (MLFF) system aims to evolve toll lanes on Malaysian highways into a quicker, free-flowing experience. 

The RFID tag system to be implemented on 15 January 2022 aims to help alleviate congestion at these toll plazas, having shown positive and practical results from pilot programmes rolled out at toll booths on the Hutan Kampung-Sungai Dua stretch, Jitra in Kedah, as well as Johor's Kempas toll booth earlier this year.

At this initial stage, owners of Class 1 (light private) vehicles will be invited to get their cars fitted with these RFID tags. Normal Touch 'n Go and SmartTag toll booths will remain open for vehicles that are not in this class for the time being at these early stages but drivers are urged to get their RFID tags fitted as soon as possible as the Works Ministry aims to replace the old Touch 'n Go and SmartTag system progressively with this new initiative. 

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1639732628916 Touchngo Rfid Portal

Toll lanes that will have these RFID gantries include those along the 800km long North-South Highway, particularly Juru, Penang to Skudai. Drivers are reminded to keep their vehicle speed to 30km/h while passing through these contactless toll plazas. 

You can purchase these RFID tags online through the Touch 'n Go eWallet app or portal. Alternatively, you can approach any of the 39 centres across the Malaysian Peninsular listed here.

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