Malaysian Family Flood Aid: Everything You Need to Know

Published by on . Updated on 24 Feb 2022

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If your vehicle was damaged by the recent flood, the Malaysian Family Flood Aid would be a form of relief for you and your family as it does cover personal vehicle repair costs.

This was stated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaacob in a recent statement about the aid scheme. An RM1,000 voucher will be issued to vehicle owners whose vehicles have been deemed to be a total loss. This is an attempt by the government to help Malaysians recover from the devastation caused by the floods.

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Local car manufacturers, Proton and Perodua will also be providing some relief to affected motorists, with both companies providing free towing service as well as 50% discounts on spare parts. Most other car companies have also done the same or have established similar flood relief programs to lighten vehicle owners’ burden during these testing times.

The Malaysian government has also offered a six-month loan moratorium to help car owners defer repayment or reduce instalment amounts on their vehicle loans. 

You will also be allowed to get your vehicular documents, be it your road tax certificates, driving licenses or vehicle grants replaced for free as offered by the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

How to apply?

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Firstly, you need to know that this aid goes out to Malaysians only and that it is awarded by households. This means if there are multiple families living in one house, you will still only be entitled to RM1,000.

If you're at a temporary evacuation centre (PPS), get in contact with a PPS or Department of Social Welfare (JKM) personnel with your identification card (IC).

If you don't have your IC or you didn't evacuate to a PPS, fret not, you are still entitled to the aid, just get in contact with your ketua kampungs or district officers (JPKK) and they will know what to do!

The District Disaster Management Committee (JPBD) will then review your application and if you're successful, the funds will be then channelled to the JPBD chairman for disbursement.

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Cars and other vehicles stuck in floodwater have become a common sight during this period so it is important government and corporate organizations recognize and provide assistance in this regard too.

May those affected by the flood be able to get back on their feet and on the roads sooner rather than later!

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