Improving Your Vehicle's Fuel Efficiency

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With the recent spike in fuel prices, it’s a good idea to be more conscious of how much fuel we use to cut down on vehicular costs. Improving our vehicle’s fuel efficiency is one way we can get the most out of our petrol!

Opting to walk or taking public transport instead of driving the family car is one way people can cut down on the amount of petrol they use. However, there are other ways we can reduce fuel consumption that doesn’t involve completely not using the vehicle.

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Each vehicle comes with an expected fuel consumption per 100km. However, the reality is that two vehicles with identical expected fuel consumptions could have varying results when it comes to its economy. There are many factors that play a part in how much a full tank of gas can take you. Being mindful of these factors and practising good habits can greatly improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, pleasing your wallets in the process!

Here are some measures you can take to better your fuel efficiency:

1) Regular Maintenance

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One major factor that can impede your vehicle’s efficiency is a filthy engine. Not getting a tune-up every once in a while will force your engine to exert more energy and consume extra fuel to keep it running as optimally as possible.

Get your vehicle to a workshop and get it serviced regularly, the money saved on fuel with an efficient engine will far outweigh the servicing costs!

2) Clutter-free car!

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Some people treat their cars like an additional storeroom. Random boxes, sports equipment and bags of useless items become clutter, and clutter has weight. Additional weight in the car would mean that your engine will need to exert more energy when in operation, so keep your car clutter-free!

A neater, tidier car would also reduce the risk of pests nestling in your vehicle so that’s an added bonus!

3) Say No to Speeding!

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Did you know, your car’s fuel efficiency decreases once you exceed 80km/h. There are many Malaysians out there with a need for speed but in these testing times, let’s keep that habit tucked away for now to save some money alright?

4) Inflate Your Tyres!

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Underinflated tyres can cause as much as a 3% decrease in fuel efficiency. Similar to some of the other reasons on this list, this is because driving with underinflated tyres will mean that your car engine needs to exert more energy when in operation. Check your drivers’ manual or the tyre itself for its optimal PSI!

5) Make Use of Your Car’s New Tech Features

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There are various features in newer cars that can help increase your fuel efficiency. This includes cruise control, eco mode and stop-start systems. However, some drivers don’t make use of them out of unfamiliarity or just ignorance. Don’t be afraid, manufacturers generally won’t implement a feature in their cars that might be detrimental to it.

Rising fuel prices are a heartache, especially since there isn’t much we can do about it. Some of us heavily rely on the use of cars on motorcycles to get to work. There’s no escaping the increased costs but we can play a part in managing how badly it affects us so heed our advice and be more fuel savvy drivers!

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