8 Essential Items You Should Have In Your Car's Emergency Kit in Case of Floods

Published by on . Updated on 28 Feb 2022

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When flash floods struck various parts of Malaysia, many people were stuck in their cars when the currents got too strong to navigate through. Many were unprepared and suffered as they waited helplessly for rescue. This exemplifies the importance of always having an emergency kit in your vehicle.

Hungry, cold and vulnerable. These were just some of the harsh realities faced by some people who were stuck inside or even on top of their vehicles during the recent flash floods. There was some public outcry about not getting informed about the bad weather beforehand, therefore many did not get the chance to take the necessary precautions.

Having an emergency car kit would have been useful and provided some degree of comfort and help when calamity strikes. 

Emergency kits are not only limited to first aid but also include a variety of items that can be extremely useful in these scenarios.

1) First Aid Kit

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This is obviously one of the most essential items you would want in a disaster. Plasters, gauzes and bandages can come in handy for any injuries that might happen to you or others. Superficial cuts and wounds might not seem like too big of an issue but floodwater may carry bacteria that might infect these open cuts and cause more harm to your body.

Antiseptics will also be useful to clean these cuts before you cover them up, further reducing the risk of infection. Tweezers and scissors would come in handy too. 

First aid kits should include all of these items without taking up too much space in your car. Do note that most items do come with expiration dates, so do check your first aid kit often and replace expired items when needed.

2) Towels and Blankets

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Having a towel or blanket might come in handy in many situations, be it to keep yourself dry or as a way to keep warm. It can also provide psychological comfort; emergency services sometimes provide victims of trauma with towels and blankets as they can help trigger a sense of comfort and security.

3) Gloves and Boots

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1640312649990 Boots Useful For Safety In A Flood(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Specifically, waterproof ones that offer some degree of protection in case you need to trek on muddy roads or clear fallen or trapped debris. You wouldn’t want to be wearing just slippers as they offer little to no protection.

4) Flashlight

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1640312766727 Flashlights Can Help You See And Attract Attention(Photo Credit: Pexels)

You might come across areas without electricity as power might have been cut off due to the flood. It would be terrifying not being able to see, especially considering the circumstances. Having a flashlight would allow you to watch your surroundings, as well as grab the attention of rescue services.

5) Whistle

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1640312920225 Blow Your Whistle To Attract Attention(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Similarly to a flashlight, a whistle can be extremely helpful in trying to let others know where you are. This especially applies to situations where you might have gotten stuck at a place that might not be visible. It takes less energy to blow a whistle than it does to shout for help, saving you some strength in an already testing situation.

6) Bottled water

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1640313056826 Bottled Water Is Essential In An Emergency Kit(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

Keeping bottled water in your emergency kit is also a good idea because you will never know when help will arrive. Besides thirst, you might also need fresh water to clean wounds.

7) Powerbank

As mentioned, you never do know when you will be able to get to safety. Keeping a fully charged power bank or two will help you stay connected via your mobile phone. Alternatively, you could also opt for a portable radio to get updates from the government. 

8) Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags will be handy to have during a flood. They keep your valuables and mobile phones dry, and they can also be used to store food. The last thing you want is your mobile phone or food to be rendered useless or unedible because they got wet in the flood.

Other nice items to haves include: 

  • Rope 
  • Water purification tablets 
  • Waterproof matchsticks 
  • Non-perishable food 

The recent flash floods are without a doubt a situation no one wants to happen. However, it never hurts to have some contingencies like an emergency car kit if it does happen!

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