Tips When Driving into Singapore

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Already making travel plans across the border upon hearing the news? Here are some tips to take note of before you travel!

With the reopening of the Malaysia-Singapore borders for private vehicles, we’re sure many of you will be excited to be able to travel across the Causeway again. But the landscape may be slightly different from how you last remembered it! Here are some tips to take note of before you travel.

The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

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The ERP in Singapore is akin to our Malaysian highway tolls. It automatically cuts the toll cost from your cash card upon detecting your In-Vehicle Unit which you would need to have when driving in Singapore. You can purchase an IU at an IU Service Center in Singapore, or rent an IU unit at the Tuas or Woodlands checkpoints.

However, rejoice as there aren't as many active ERP hotspots as there were pre-COVID. You can find the list of ERP gantries and their locations as well as their respective charges here.


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The world is currently facing a spike in petrol prices, and Singapore is no different. The city-state's petrol prices range around the SGD$3 (RM9.32) mark. This steep price means that you'll probably want to enter Singapore with a full tank of petrol and keep your trips short to avoid having to top up in the Lion City; something completely possible in such a small country.

Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP)

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You will need to apply for VEP before entering Singapore. Do note that you have to do it online as VEP application services will not be available at the checkpoints for the time being. You can apply for a VEP at the OneMotoring site, under Digital Services. You can then collect your Autopass card at LTA's Johor Bahru Service Centre if you have yet to do so.

Make sure your vehicle registration, insurance, and road tax are in order to ease the application process!

Mask Regulations

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Singapore has taken a leap into normalcy with new mask regulations, removing the need to wear masks outdoors from the March 29 onwards. However, masks still need to be worn indoors and on public transport. With the threat of COVID-19 still around, we advise you to keep masks on, just in case!

Of course, with restrictions on the limit on the number of visitors to Singapore being lifted, we are bound to see large numbers travelling in, especially in the first few weeks. We advise that you hold off any non-urgent travel plans, so as to keep yourself and your family safe!

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