Selangor BRA Number Plates Up For Bidding from 29 June 2022

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The Road Transport Department Malaysia has given the green light on Selangor’s latest number plate series, BRA — a long-awaited (or dreaded, depending on who you ask) series due to its connotations to lingerie!

This comes as no surprise due to JPJ’s history of not banning license plate numbers however wacky they get or whatever references they may hold. It was all systems go for the JEW, KFC, and TAX plates in Johor, Kedah, and Terengganu respectively and in our opinion, it does add some flavour to our daily commute spotting one of these plates, albeit minimally.

Across the causeway, our Singaporean neighbours had their SEA to SEZ series number plates banned due to uproar over the potential SEX series.

Interested parties can head over to JPJ’s eBid portal from June 29 till 10 pm on the 3rd of July 2022 to get their machine a BRA plate. The process is entirely online now and the results will be released via email the next day so sit tight till then!

Guys rejoice, we can finally check out BRAs on the roads soon without fearing The Wifey!

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