50% 'Saman' Discount at Keluarga Malaysia Event

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If you’ve been racking up those saman slips or you’re looking to lighten your financial burdens, free up some time and head down to the Jelajah Aspirasi Keluarga Malaysia roadshow for discounts on your summons.

We all love a good discount, it’s what gets us to overspend during the sales seasons be it on clothes, food or electronics. But what about traffic summons? We say, Malaysia Boleh!

It’s not the first time discounts have been offered on traffic summons, with JPJ offering 70% off summonses from April 13 to June 11 in conjunction with their 75th anniversary. Road culprits were also given the chance to pay only 20% of their fines at the tail end of last year.

The only downside is that for this round of discounts, you would have to physically make your way to the event to enjoy them. From the 1st to the 3rd of July just head down to the Dato Sagor circuit at Pasar Salak and settle your PDRM and JPJ fines at half price. We would recommend that you settle MDPT fines on the last day of the roadshow as the rate of discount increases to a whopping 80% then.

It is certainly a uniquely Malaysia initiative and it could be a way to get more people to come down to the event but hey, we’re not complaining! Find out if you got any summons due and get yourself down there today!

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