The Pros and Cons of Getting Your Own Car Insurance

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The two main ways to get car insurance are through sourcing for one on your own or getting a third party to get one for you. Today we'll look at the pros and cons of getting your own car insurance!

As we've established before, car insurance is important for a multitude of reasons ranging from legalities to financial safety. How you get one, however, is another question. Looking for a car insurance policy on your own has its own benefits, as does going through a third-party agent. Let's find out what the benefits and drawbacks are if you were to seek car insurance on your own!



The main reason why one might fly solo in search of an insurance policy would be the cost. Many third-party agents have additional fees and service charges that could result in slightly higher overall costs. 

Fake Agents

As with most industries, car insurance is often linked to scams. These fake agents present fake insurance plans in an attempt to rob you of your hard-earned money. In some cases, they may even propose legit plans from reputable companies but the moment you make payment, they cancel your plan and disappear with the money.

A way to mitigate this danger is by doing your due diligence. Verify the agent's credentials and make sure their licenses check out. 


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Abundance of Choice

You would think having many choices is a good thing. However, the large number of plans available that constitute their own respective benefits can cause quite a headache. In distress, many just opt for any viable option when it gets too much. Doing so might cause you to miss out on the best choice for you.

Tedious Process

Do not underestimate how tedious getting insurance for your vehicle can be, especially if you don't have all the documents in order. Paperwork and approaching different companies for quotes can be quite a tedious process that will just stress you out.

Missing Out on Bundles

When you source for car insurance on your own, you would usually just get the plan. You will miss out on the different bundles that some third parties offer which gives you much better value.

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If you do decide to approach a third-party platform for your car insurance, why not hit us up for a quote? We do the legwork for you! Here at Motorist Malaysia, we pride ourselves on being transparent while being flexible, getting you the best plan for you at the lowest prices possible!

I want to find the most affordable car insurance plan within 24 hours!

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