Ways to Remove Durian Odour From Your Car

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We may refer to durians as the "King of Fruits," but this particular fruit can be divisive due to the aromas they produce and leave behind.

While some individuals adore the smell, others find it utterly repulsive. Moreover, the scent is notorious for lingering long after the fruit itself has been consumed and its remnants disposed of. Consequently, certain establishments such as hotels, car rental companies, and even some forms of public transportation explicitly prohibit the presence of durians.

Even if you're a durian enthusiast, having the fruit's smell persisting in your car for days or weeks is far from desirable. So, here are a few steps to minimise and eliminate the odour!

Cabin Ventilation

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Rolling down the windows while driving is also an effective method to ventilate the cabin, allowing fresh air to circulate and carry away much of the lingering odour. If it becomes too hot, try switching the air conditioning mode to draw in outside air instead of recirculating the interior air.

Here’s a top tip for you: if you wind down the driver-side window and the rear-left passenger window while driving, you’ll create an air stream that’ll get rid of the foul smell quickly!

Household Items

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Two common solutions involve placing charcoal or half a loaf of bread inside your parked car with the doors and windows closed. Supposedly, these items slowly absorb the odours in the car, helping to restore the air to its previous state.

Give them a try and observe the results! You can even try pandan leaves or strong tea leaves, as those will leave a pleasant smell behind!

Odour Eliminators

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It's important to note the differences between an odour eliminator and an air freshener. An air freshener merely masks or covers the odour by introducing a strong, fresh scent that distracts from the odour itself. However, durian odours tend to be exceptionally strong, and simply masking them may not be very effective.

An odour eliminator, on the other hand, not only masks but also contains ingredients that actively work to remove the bad odours. In other words, odour eliminators address the root of the problem rather than just masking the symptoms.

Professional Cleaning

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If you find that the aforementioned solutions are not sufficient for your car, the most comprehensive option would be to have your car professionally cleaned. While this is likely the most expensive choice, it offers the greatest value. 

Professional cleaners are trained, experienced, and equipped with the latest technologies and specialised solutions that may not be readily available in retail stores. They can effectively remove even the most stubborn odours from any car.

Consider the severity of the odour issue and the resources you're willing to allocate to solve the problem. Feel free to try out all of these options to determine the best course of action for yourself!

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