Tesla Launches Facelifted Model 3 Highland

Published by on . Updated on 11 Sep 2023
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Tesla has updated its flagship Model S saloon numerous times since its launch more than a decade ago. They have now given their entry-level Model 3 the same treatment too with the latest ‘Highland’ update. 

As this is a mid-cycle refresh, and not an all-new car, do not expect a complete overhaul to the basic structure and mechanical gubbins of the vehicle. That being said, buyers shouldn’t downplay the changes made to the Model 3 in this update, as some of the improvements and additions are rather significant.

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The most obvious change over the original car is the redesigned front fascia. And they serve more than a cosmetic purpose too - the sleek headlights and new bumper makes the car more aerodynamically efficient than ever before. 

There are changes to the cabin too. The new additions exude a premium look and feel, whilst boasting minimalist styling that's both sleek and elegant. To enhance the driving experience, Tesla has incorporated several new features, including ambient lighting, ventilated seats, and a spacious 15.4-inch center touchscreen.

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Passengers also get an 8-inch second-row display for convenient access to climate controls and entertainment options. 

Mechanically, Tesla has not had to make any hardware changes. As efficiency elsewhere has been improved, the Model 3 Highland can travel a longer distance on a single charge, with Tesla estimating a range of up to 629 kilometres. It’d do the century sprint in just 4.4 seconds too.

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Orders for the Model 3 Highland are open now, with an estimated delivery date of late 2023, and  with prices starting at RM189,000. Customers in Malaysia can choose from two Model 3 trims: the Model 3 (Rear-wheel drive) and the Model 3 Long Range. 

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