2023 Sepang Endurance Race: Toyota GR Malaysia Is Aiming to Retain Title

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Toyota Gazoo Racing Malaysia is preparing for the upcoming 2023 Sepang 1000 KM Endurance Race (S1K), aiming to defend their previously clinched overall title. Their strategy involves entering a Toyota Vios into the MTC Class, with drivers Tengku Djan Ley Tengku Mahaleel and Naquib Azlan returning to compete. Moreover, dealer team Wing Hin Motorsports will join the fray with two Toyota Yaris cars in the MTC Class, driven by Boy Wong and former Gazoo Racing Rookie Class driver Amer Harris.

The S1K event will also spotlight the third iteration of the Gazoo Racing (GR) Vios Enduro Cup within the SP2 Class. This cup has become renowned as a season-ending event for drivers already involved in the GR Vios Challenge and GR Vios Sprint Cup. Notably, the GR Vios Enduro Cup attracts a diverse array of drivers, including teenagers, a father-son duo, a husband-wife team, and multiple female drivers.

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Anticipated to have 11 competing cars in the SP2 Class and GR Vios Enduro Cup, the event will feature prominent contenders such as the Axle Sports pair comprising Alister Yoong and 2023 Vios Challenge Rookie class champion Ariff Azmi. Another formidable team is 23 Motors, represented by Abdul Miqail and Amir Mirza, both seasoned participants in the GR Vios Challenge. Notably, the GR Vios Enduro Cup will witness the debut of the father-son duo Shanmuganathan Arumugam and Ashen Shanmuganathan, the husband-wife duo Shafiq Samsudin and Shasha Shafie, as well as two female drivers, Adele Lew and Nurul Auni Nasharuddin.

The GR Vios Enduro Cup promises cash rewards, with RM10,000 for the winner, RM8,000 for second place, RM6,000 for third, RM4,000 for fourth, and RM2,000 for fifth place. This participation not only highlights racing accomplishments but also underscores the resilience, dependability, and maneuverability of the Toyota Vios and Yaris under demanding race conditions.

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