Touch 'n Go Clarifies RFID Expiration Myths and Emphasises Wear and Tear Management

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Touch ‘n Go, a prominent player in Malaysia's RFID technology is dispelling a recent misunderstanding regarding the supposed expiry of RFID tags. Rather than affirming an expiration, the company clarified that its RFID tags don't inherently expire, highlighting the possibility of wear and tear over time compared to traditional smart tags.

In response to misinformation suggesting a fixed expiry, Touch ‘n Go clarified that their RFID tags do not come with a predetermined expiration date. They focused on a recent campaign targeted at early adopters involved in the initial 2018 RFID pilot program. This initiative offered these users a chance to renew their RFID tags, particularly if wear and tear had impacted their tags, through a special promotional offer.

A significant point stressed by Touch ‘n Go was the potential for wear and tear in RFID tags over time, unlike traditional smart tags that typically only require battery replacement. To address this, the company encouraged pilot users to take advantage of the special offer to swap their tags for improved performance.

Touch ‘n Go detailed the procedure for pilot users opting to purchase a new RFID tag through the promotion. For these users, the older pilot RFID tag would be deactivated by January 31, 2024, ensuring a smooth transition to the new tag and preventing multiple tag registrations for a single vehicle.

Nevertheless, for pilot users choosing not to participate in the promotion, Touch ‘n Go clarified that their existing pilot RFID tags would remain operational and linked to their vehicles. The company's objective is to highlight the significance of addressing wear and tear issues in RFID tags while reassuring users about the continued functionality of their existing tags.

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