Parking Fee Adjustments At Pavilion Kuala Lumpur For 2024

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Commencing on January 1, 2024, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, known to many as one of Malaysia’s top shopping hubs, will implement revised parking rates. The alterations, announced by Pavilion KL management, aim to accommodate operational expenses and uphold parking service quality. The updated rates are as follows:

Hourly Parking Rates:

  • Daytime (Before 5 pm): RM4/hour (previously RM3/hour)

Maximum Daily Parking Fee:

  • Daytime (Before 5 pm): RM40 (previously RM30)

Flat Rate After 5 pm:

  • Weekdays: RM10 (previously RM8)
  • Weekends/Public Holidays: No fixed rate; RM4/hour (maximum RM40/day)

Moreover, Pavilion KL remains committed to promoting eco-friendly transportation alternatives. For visitors choosing public transit, Pavilion KL collaborates with MyCity Pass, offering a special deal. Patrons can utilise the MRT to Bukit Bintang for only RM5 per day using the MyCity Pass. This pass grants unrestricted entry to Rapid KL LRT, MRT, Monorail, BRT, Rapid KL bus, and MRT feeder bus services.

These adjustments in parking fees and advocacy for public transit options emphasise Pavilion KL’s dedication to delivering a comprehensive and convenient shopping experience. As we step into 2024, customers can expect enhanced services and ongoing initiatives to solidify Pavilion KL as the preferred destination for shopping and leisure.

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