The Motorist super app has been supercharged with even better features to further simplify your motoring life

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Personalising your notifications is the highlight of the Motorist App’s first major update for 2024.

With this thoughtful new function, users are able to select the types of alerts and messages they want/need to receive from the automotive super app, which is currently used by one in six vehicle owners in Singapore.

This newly-added capability turns the popular app into even more of an automotive personal assistant in your smartphone to assist with all your motoring matters - from managing your vehicle, to performing or facilitating a variety of vehicle transactions, and providing real-time traffic updates which include live camera feeds overlooking the Singapore-Johor road links. 

The Motorist application’s “PA” functionality even extends to a dedicated concierge who is ready to answer your questions via the in-app chat. This is digital service with a human touch. 

Speaking of humans working digitally, the team of programming experts behind the Motorist App - which include the company’s CEO who has coding expertise - do their best to introduce useful new functions and improve the existing feature set at every opportunity. 

The most significant enhancement in this 2024 February update is to the app’s Notifications, which can now be customised according to your preferences. 

With just a few easy fingertip-swipes in the Settings section, you can set what the app “nudges” you about, pushed to your device (notification centre) immediately if you wish. These include:

  1. Vehicle Reminders - alerts for your car’s birthday, COE expiry, road tax expiry, season parking renewal, traffic offence, and vehicle recall-related information. 

  2. Vehicle Price Predictor - monthly insights on vehicle valuation, which help you to track and target your car’s depreciation, and also estimate the nett sales proceed from your car after clearing its outstanding loan if applicable. 

  3. Favourite Routes - informs you about traffic jams and road incidents which might affect your usual driving routes, so you can consider alternatives to save time and reduce stress behind the wheel.

  4. Community - connects you with other motorists using the Motorist App, which allows in-app messaging (with guidelines) between users with just their car registration number and also broadcasts specific requests for accident witnesses. 

  5. Market Updates - keeps you informed about COE results and fuel price movements.

  6. Deals & Rewards - shares the latest offers and giveaways, so you can get good deals, and earn mPoints along the way to redeem rewards.

  7. Articles & Videos - prompts about newly-published stories in the editorial sections you specify (e.g. car reviews and car news), and you may read what you like whenever it is uploaded to the Motorist portal.

In addition to personalising your notifications, the Motorist App now also includes a valet service for car inspection and a built-in loan calculator. There have also been improvements to the app’s user experience/interface, updates to the software, and the usual bug fixes.

With all these enhancements and fresh features, the Motorist super app has been supercharged to further simplify your motoring life. Click the Motorist App box at the end of this article to download/update the Motorist App and let it be your most helpful motoring companion - in the phone and on the road.

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