2024 Nissan Juke with Upgraded Features and N-Sport Trim

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Nissan has made some changes to the Juke for 2024 to make it better in the crowded small SUV market. The outside still looks quite similar, but they've made big improvements inside, like a larger screen for the infotainment system and better quality overall. They've also added a fancy new version called N-Sport and brought back a yellow color option.

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The N-Sport trim represents the pinnacle of the lineup, with black details on the roof, pillars, wheels, arches, mirrors, and grille, contrasting with the new yellow outside. Inside, the N-Sport has yellow stitching, dashboard details, and inserts made from recycled Alcantara, and the seats have Juke emblems.

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The biggest change inside is the new 12.3-inch screen for the infotainment system on a slightly different dashboard. This screen is standard and can be paired with a new 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. The upgraded infotainment system now supports wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and has a better voice recognition system.

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Nissan has also improved other things inside, like smoother material on the steering wheel, a bigger glovebox, new seats for most trims, and a redesigned center armrest for better support. The Juke now has an electric handbrake, wireless charging pad, and USB-A/USB-C outlets for everyone, meeting the standards for 2024.

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Outside, there are small changes like new color options and wheel designs, some up to 19 inches. The yellow color option is back and a bit lighter than before. The Lane Departure Warning is now standard, and the rear-view camera has been upgraded for better quality.

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The rear-view camera now has a higher quality to use the high-definition screen better. This means movements like reversing can be done more confidently with a sharper vision, especially in low light. All Juke models now come with a rear-view camera as standard, and higher models can get the Around-View Monitor, showing images from four cameras to give a "bird’s-eye view" for parking.

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The Juke has two engine options. The Juke Hybrid has a Nissan engine made for hybrids, giving 94hp and 148Nm of torque. On the electric side, the main electric motor adds 49hp and 205Nm, with fuel consumption reductions in urban settings and overall. The non-electric option is a 1.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine with 117PS and 180Nm of torque. Drivers can choose between a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, with different driving modes (Eco, Standard, Sport) to suit their preferences.

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