Smart Malaysia broadens 30% discounts to include over 1,000 public chargers nationwide

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Exciting news from Smart Malaysia! Get ready for an electrifying offer that'll rev up your Ramadan and Hari Raya celebrations! 

Smart car owners, listen up: You can now enjoy an electrifying 30% discount on public charging fees when you juice up using the Hello smart App. Teaming up with Charging Point Operators (CPOs), we're all set to turbocharge your 'Balik Kampung' experience! From April 6th to 14th, 2024, buckle up for more affordable and seamless journeys. Don't miss out on this high-voltage deal.

By using the Hello smart App, users can benefit from a 30% discount and gain access to a comprehensive network of charging stations spanning across the nation, boasting over 1,000 public charging points that are seamlessly integrated. Finding nearby stations, checking availability, and starting charging sessions are made effortless through the app. Moreover, this offer extends to partners such as Gentari, JomCharge, and chargEV stations, spread across more than 400 locations nationwide, encompassing popular spots like shopping malls, office buildings, and public parking facilities.

To tailor the experience, smart car owners can head to their closest smart dealership, complete with specialized charging stations. As their vehicles charge, owners can indulge in the dealership's offerings, such as cozy waiting spaces and refreshments. This inventive strategy not only provides a hassle-free charging option but also enhances the dealership visit, ensuring customers relish both convenience and comfort during their time there. 

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