Did someone anger the ghost of Karak Highway? greasy spill causes traffic nightmares

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Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1715738227993 Smart3+%2827%29Motorists on the KL-Karak highway were met with a rather unpleasant surprise yesterday. A tanker carrying thousands of liters of used cooking oil met its end at KM36.8, causing a spill that turned the road into a greasy mess.

The culprit? According to authorities, heavy rain and a possible bout of slippery road rage from the 50-year-old driver. No ghosts or vengeful spirits were mentioned (though some commuters might disagree after spending hours in traffic).

Social media went into overdrive with jokes:

"Someone call Michelin, we've got a new contender for the 'Most Slippery Road' award!"

"Looks like the ghost of Karak Highway is finally getting revenge... with a deep fryer?"

"Maybe this is a sign we should all cut back on our goreng pisang?"

On a more serious note:

Accidents like this highlight the importance of safe driving practices, especially during heavy rain. Used cooking oil disposal is also a crucial environmental concern. Let's hope this incident serves as a greasy reminder to be cautious on the road and dispose of waste responsibly.

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