The luckiest car colours so far in this Year of the Dragon based on your Chinese zodiac animal

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In the Year of the Dragon 2024, these are the suggested car colours which will attract good luck, great fortune and powerful prosperity, according to your zodiac animal.

Feng shui masters might differ in the details of their popular annual predictions for the Lunar New Year, but the key points tend to be broadly similar - such as lucky colours, lucky numbers, and helpful tips for a better life, plus friendly warnings about potentially negative elements.

Whatever car you drive is a reflection of your lifestyle, personal choices and career success, and it also determines to a certain degree how stylish your daily life is as a motorist, how comfortable your mobility choices are, and even how successful you become. 

It may not be easy to accept the notion that your car can be both the reason for and the result of your station in life, but the wonders of the car actually include such cultural aspects which go beyond the car’s main role as a mode of transport.     

In the case of the Chinese zodiac and its 12 animals currently in the New Year of their dragon stablemate, the cultural aspect relates to the most suitable car colours for individuals based on their Chinese-calendar birth year and applicable animal.  

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DRAGONEditors%2 Fimages%2 F1717731788219 Zodiac+%281%29A tough, black off-roader with gold-coloured details will suit a Dragon motorist.

Lucky car colours for a Dragon motorist: black, white, blue, gold.

Your road ahead in 2024 as a Dragon🐉 

Any detours on the route towards your goals will make you tougher and fly higher. Be as determined as a racing driver in your pursuit of podium success, but remember to make pit stops and take care of your own well-being.

SNAKEEditors%2 Fimages%2 F1717731999627 Zodiac+%282%29It will be a great year ahead for a Snake motorist, even if he or she doesn't drive a "cobra" car.

Lucky car colours for a Snake motorist: white, brown, yellow, gold.

Your road ahead in 2024 as a Snake🐍

Lady Luck will turbocharge your fortune this year from point to point. Your happy journey will be smoothened by new “co-drivers” and supportive “mechanics”. Even tricky corners in the circuit will be conquered on your way to the checkered flag.

HORSEEditors%2 Fimages%2 F1717732089562 Zodiac+%283%29It will be horsepower aplenty for a Horse motorist in the Year of the Dragon.

Lucky car colours for a Horse motorist: red, brown, orange, yellow.

Your road ahead in 2024 as a Horse🐎

You will be as energetic as a Ferrari Prancing Horse and as hardworking as a Ford Mustang. There will be golden opportunities to supercharge your business or rev up your career, but do send yourself for regular “servicing” to stay in shape. 

GOATEditors%2 Fimages%2 F1717732275780 Zodiac+%284%29All the stars are shining on every Goat motorist, who should therefore get a Mercedes.

Lucky car colours for a Goat motorist: red, black, blue, orange.

Your road ahead in 2024 as a Goat🐐

The stars are aligned for you this year, like a Mercedes showroom with tristar emblems shining bright. Staying focused on your work will power your progress up the ranks, all the way from C-class saloon to C-suite boardroom.  

MONKEYEditors%2 Fimages%2 F1717732355139 Zodiac+%285%29An orange Mini Moke will work well for a Monkey motorist.

Lucky car colours for a Monkey motorist: blue, black, red, orange.

Your road ahead in 2024 as a Monkey🐒

Your actions, decisions, and solutions to problems will determine whether you upgrade from a grease monkey in the workshop of hard knocks, to Caesar on the planet of the apes. Seize every opportunity to boost your career engine. 

ROOSTEREditors%2 Fimages%2 F1717732449760 Zodiac+%286%29These driving shoes are perfect for a Rooster driver who wants to be fast and fortunate.

Lucky car colours for a Rooster motorist: yellow, orange, brown, red.

Your road ahead in 2024 as a Rooster🐓

Do not chicken out in your speedy drive to cultivate relationships and expand social networks. Be a turbo-booster rooster at home, in the workplace and on the road by helping others, which might lead to reciprocal kindness all around. 

DOGEditors%2 Fimages%2 F1717732568558 Zodiac+%287%29an underdog or a top dog, you should explore more as a Dog motorist.

Lucky car colours for a Dog motorist: white, gold.

Your road ahead in 2024 as a Dog🐕

This is a year of changes for you, but don’t bark up the wrong tree. Steer out of your comfort zone and tread new ground, like a rugged Land Rover on an exploration. Keep calm and carry on, keep the faith and continue driving forward.  

PIGEditors%2 Fimages%2 F1717732720396 Zodiac+%288%292024 is a fantastic year to be a Pig motorist, who might score a Porker along the way.

Lucky car colours for a Pig motorist: yellow, brown.

Your road ahead in 2024 as a Pig🐖

You will hog the limelight this year, thanks to the fame and fortune coming your way in the crystal ball. There will be money-making opportunities and impactful endeavours, plus a dream Porker on your driveway if you get super lucky. 


Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1717732807155 Zodiac+%289%29A bold yellow hatchback with a touch of black is what a Rat motorist needs to keep on winning.

Lucky car colours for a Rat motorist: yellow, brown, blue, black.

Your road ahead in 2024 as a Rat🐀

The rat race has a blessed winner in you this year. Put pedal to the metal, open the throttle wide and accelerate across the finish line. Celebrate the victory, collect the trophy and then refuel your racecar for more hot laps. 

OXEditors%2 Fimages%2 F1717732949547 Zodiac+%2810%29An Ox motorist will be blessed with a wonderful year, regardless of the field he or she thrives in.

Lucky car colours for an Ox motorist: blue, black, red, orange.

Your road ahead in 2024 as an Ox🐂

Cowabunga, this is likely to be a delightful year for you. The months will be as smooth as a limousine, as active as a rally car, and as rewarding as a roadster. Pursue your driving dreams and everything else with an overboost of confidence.

TIGEREditors%2 Fimages%2 F1717737559184 Zodiac+%2811%29There shall be a roaring tiger in the tank of your sports car this year if you are a Tiger driver.

Lucky car colours for a Tiger motorist: blue, black.

Your road ahead in 2024 as a Tiger🐅

Your path to greatness as the coolest cat in the concrete jungle is paved with strong beginnings, dynamic developments and excellent opportunities. It will be a rip-roaring good time playing a powerful Jaguar on the prowl in slower traffic.

RABBITEditors%2 Fimages%2 F1717738713969 Zodiac+%2812%29

A Rabbit motorist could use a pocket rocket to hop from point to point in pursuit of good fortune.

Lucky car colours for a Rabbit motorist: yellow, brown, blue, black.

Your road ahead in 2024 as a Rabbit🐇

“Hop” for the best as you navigate the latest roadmap of wealth and health with more turns than a meandering dragon. Remain steadfast behind the wheel and be firing on all cylinders, so as to achieve positive results on the road and beyond.

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