International Women's Day with Motorist: 10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers

Published by on . Updated on 25 Feb 2022
10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers

In line with International Women’s Day, this article is to celebrate all the women here in Malaysia and around the world that drives for their own leisure, to work or to fetch their kids. Here are 10 essential car accessories women drivers should have in their car.

Sometimes it's not just women but even men who like to decorate their cars to make their drive more exciting and cool. The vehicle you drive may be a Sedan, SUV, or something else, but you can turn the normal vehicle into a luxurious-looking car if you choose the right accessories for your vehicle.

Without further ado, let’s get into these must-haves.

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Seat Belt Shoulder Pads

10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers 2 (Photo Credit: Lazada)

How do you beautify your driver’s seat with comfort for your long drives so that you can protect your shoulders? Get a seat belt cover or shoulder pad of course! Seat belt covers are cushions that are soft and comfortable that enhance safety and comfort.

You can find one online in a variety of designs/colours that suit your taste! Some are inexpensive too. However, we recommend the furry ones because they look cute and warm at the same time.

Rubber Car Floor Mats

10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers 3 (Photo Credit: Trapo)

Car floor mats are a major essential, especially for women who are clean freaks. Although it is a known fact that your car floor will never ever be clean while driving, adding a rubber floor mat certainly helps prevent it from being dirty.

We recommend rubber floor mats over the 3M floor mats because we find them easier to clean. Sometimes, you’ll spot little specs of dirt in between the 3M floor mats and it’ll take an eternity to clean them. You know what we mean if you’ve ever owned one.

Good quality rubber floor mats are durable and are all-weather as well so they are bound to keep the overall surface of the car floor clean for your drive ladies.


10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers 4 (Photo Credit: Zalora)

Women wearing sunglasses while driving is a major statement. You’re looking both cool and protecting your eyes from the sun while driving. Wearing sunglasses just gives a huge sense of confidence for some people and we can’t really give you the best recommendations for sunglasses as they can go from cheap to expensive depending on your budget.

But one thing’s for sure, they are a must-have during the early morning drive to work or for the drive back home in the evening.

Car Sun Visor Mirror

10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers 5 (Photo Credit: Lazada)

Before getting out of the car, it is a natural instinct to check oneself and ensure we look presentable. No loose strands of hair and ensure your make-up is on point. This is where a car sun visor mirror comes into place.

There are even some mirrors with added lights on them, how cool is that! You should definitely have the sun visor mirror labelled as essential in your car.

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Car Air Freshener

10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers 6 (Photo Credit: Bath & Body Works)

Nobody likes foul smells and every car should smell good at all times. Can you even imagine how unbearable it would be driving for long hours with a stench in your car? Therefore, the next essential is a car air freshener.

You can get air fresheners from many places and choose a fragrance that you love. Air fresheners also come in many different shapes and sizes.

Go on and get some air fresheners for your car for a better ride experience for both you and your passengers!

Car Hook Hangers

10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers 7

(Photo Credit: Lazada)

A cheap but very handy essential for your car, you can use it to hang your own purse or handbags. But the ultimate use for it? To hang takeaway food and avoid spilling it on your car seat. These are a lifesaver for many people, and from a women’s perspective, that’s the best place to hang your bag when all the passenger seats are taken.

What’s more, these are very affordable and easy to purchase!

Car Headrest Pillow and Neck Support Cushion

10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers 8

(Photo Credit: Lazada)

It is essential as it helps every driver relax while driving for long hours. It's known that car drivers feel restless when they drive regularly or go on long drives. Sometimes, their heads and shoulders even start to ache. To stop these problems, it's really helpful to have a car headrest pillow or neck support in your car.

Not only can they help with the pain but you can also rest comfortably in-between trips and long hours inside your car. They come in a variety of designs and shapes to suit your choice.

Car Seat Height Cushion

10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers 9

(Photo Credit: Shopee)

A car seat height cushion is more useful for people who are shorter than others They can easily adjust the seat cushion for the car and make the seat higher and more comfortable for the journey.

These car seat cushions are mostly made of fluffy and cushiony material that gives you a cosy feel while you're driving, thus also making it good for long drives. It is a very inexpensive purchase that is easily available at various stores.

Wireless Car Phone Charger

10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers 10 (Photo Credit: Shopee)

Running late and your phone battery is low? What you need is this game-change,r a wireless car phone charger that also serves as a car mount. A wireless phone charging mount allows you to charge your phone while navigating the way to your destination. It’s extremely useful!

Price-wise, they are rather affordable. You can get one for slightly above 80RM at electronics stores or online. A very good upgrade from a regular phone mount when connecting your phone to a wire is be a hassle.

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

10 Essential Car Accessories For All Women Drivers 11 (Photo Credit: Shopee)

The last essential car accessory we have is for women that feel at ease in a clean car. Convenient and like as name suggest, portable, this car accessory is best suited for a quick clean after you get home from your drive.

Instead of spending time and money to head down to a detailing shop or car wash, you can easily clean the insides of your car on your own.

We hope this list of 10 essential car accessories is helpful to you. Perhaps its time to invest in some of them if you have not!

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