Touch ’n Go RFID Tag: Where to Buy and How to Install?

Published by on . Updated on 18 Feb 2022

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Looking to get the new Touch ’n Go RFID tag but unsure of where to buy it and where you should place it on your vehicle? We answer these questions in this article.

From January 15 2022, Touch n Go and SmartTag payment options at toll booths on Malaysian highways will be phased out. It will be replaced by the new Touch n GO RFID tag system to promote a more free-flowing toll plaza experience and reduce traffic congestion. 

So where can you get these RFID tags and where should you place them on your vehicle?

Where do I Purchase the Tags?

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There are multiple ways you can purchase the RFID tags. The first is through the Touch n Go eWallet app. You just have to select the RFID icon, key in your preferred shipping address, make payment and wait for it to arrive!

Touch ’n Go has also made the tags available at selected locations and platforms. They are as follows:

  1. Shell
  2. Lazada
  3. Shopee
  4. Watson
  5. BHP Petrol

Do note that the RFID tag will cost you RM35!

Where to Get It fixed?

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There are two main ways to install the RFID tag on your vehicle. You can head down to any of the fitment centres listed here. Alternatively, you can fit them on your vehicle yourself.

There are, however, two things to take note of if you do decide to place the RFID tag on your vehicle on your own. The first is that the sticker is designed to be placed on the exterior of the vehicle. 

This means that you will have to ensure that the sticker is not in the way of your windshield wipers as the tag might get wiped off.

Touch n Go has also advised drivers to ensure that the stickers are kept at least 5cm away from any metal parts. This means you can’t place them on or close to your vehicle body as metal will interfere with the sensors while scanning the RFID tag.

So Where Should You Place It?

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1641798169176 Place Your Tags On Your Headlights

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There are two recommended places to paste the tag. The first is on your windshield, but out of reach of your wipers while also being 5cm away from the windshield perimeter. This might be tough to do especially for smaller cars.

The alternative is the middle of your car headlights. This might seem like an awkward place to paste the tag but it fulfils the two criteria mentioned above. 

The tag will not hinder the use of your headlights either as it is transparent, thus it is highly advisable to place them here.

It isn’t much of a hassle, especially when you consider the benefits that these simple steps will bring you in the near future. Get your car RFID tag-ready today! 

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