Malaysia Ranked Second for the Most Deadliest Roads in the World

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A study conducted by driver's education firm, Zutobi, reveals that Malaysian roads are the second most deadliest roads in the world, with only Saudi Arabia ranked higher.

The study revealed that there are 22.76 road traffic deaths per 100,000 people recorded here in Malaysia, an alarming figure with only 16 other countries hitting double figures on this metric. Malaysia, however, was one of only two countries to exceed the 20 deaths per 100,000 people mark on the list.

Earlier this year, police traffic investigation and enforcement department chief assistant director Bakri Zainal Abidin revealed that a road traffic death was happening every 84 minutes here, with a large portion of the contributory group being motorcyclists.

Bakri had also mentioned that this was happening despite authorities dishing out more than 15,000 traffic summons everyday nationwide and with the help of new data, enforcement efforts will be more targeted at high-risk areas moving forward.

Enforcement efforts are of course to root out fatalities that result from irresponsible motorist behaviour such as speeding and drunk driving. However, it can be noted the most road habit that causes the most accidents is tailgating or following the front vehicle too closely.

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The aforementioned study has also revealed another possible reason for Malaysia's high ranking when it comes to road fatalities. Malaysia ranks 12th from the bottom when it comes to road quality, with potholes and loose gravel being the norm here.

The runner's up title of the world's most deadliest roads is definitely an unwanted accolade and it is an issue that both motorists and the government have to consciously work on in order to improve on these disappointing statistics. 

We urge you to always practice good driving habits and have patience when on the road. As always, stay safe Motorists!

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