4 Reasons Why You Should Never Put Your Feet on the Dashboard!

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Putting one's feet on the dashboard is a habit borne out of an alleged increase in comfort but unbeknownst to many, it poses fatal risks!

If you've been driving for long enough, you're bound to have seen someone in a car's passenger seat with their legs on the dashboard. Heck, we've even seen this posture in movie films and the characters just ooze comfort and good vibes when they do it. 

But like many things on the big screen, this is something you should absolutely avoid doing. Other than being absolutely disgusting (seriously, no one wants the smell of your feet being circulated in the car, which will happen when you do so because of the vents that are commonly present at the back of dashboards), the act of placing one's feet up can cause serious harm to yourself in more ways than one. 

1) Getting Your Feet Skyrocketted by Airbags in an Accident

Airbags = safety. That's what they're designed for. The caveat here is that they can only do their job properly if you do yours right. The consequences can be painful when you don't. 

An airbag's activation velocity can reach up to 322km/h in a car crash. This force has the potential to cause minor injuries when in normal situations, in the name of protecting you from major harm. A proper sitting position would include a bit of space between you and the dashboard so the impact won't be too heavy, but imagine what happens when there's no gap and your legs are propped up there on top of it? Pain. Don't believe us? 

The following image is an x-ray of a car crash victim in Wales that had her legs up on the dashboard.

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1666797330478 Xray Of Victim(Photo Credit: Dyfed–Powys Police, Wales)

2) Getting Your Feet Skyrocketted by Airbags Even When Not in an Accident

You might have read the first point and thought to yourself, "hey, my partner/driver is super safe, I won't get into an accident so no problem." Well to that we say, that's so naive of you. Accidents happen when they want to happen, precaution is the name of the game!

Additionally, airbags might also activate even when you're not in an accident. Manufacturing defects are a thing and accidentally kicking your dashboard hard enough might trigger the airbags, sending your feet upwards at back and leg-breaking speeds.

3) Getting Crushed by the Seatbelt

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1666796937805 Seatbelts Are Meant To Protect Major Organs(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

Seatbelts are another useful safety feature of a car that has to be used properly to be effective. A seatbelt is made to keep your body secure without harming major organs. Putting your feet on the dashboard will change your sitting posture which means that the seatbelt won't be positioned correctly on your body. 

4) Zero Protection in a Rollover

When your car starts rolling over in an accident, guess what is there to protect your legs and knees? Airbags! But like the above points, the airbags can't do their job if you don't do yours! The airbags are positioned to keep your lower body parts cushioned and protected as your car rolls over. They can't do that when your legs aren't in the position to be protected!

The drawbacks outweigh the more so-called 'comfortable' posture of having your feet on the dashboard. In some cases, it could even be a question between life and death so get those smelly feet off the dashboard and let ensure your friends and family members keep theirs off too!

As always, stay safe Motorists!

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