Bagaimana boleh kami membantu anda? you?

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Apakah yang perlu saya lakukan sebelum pemindahan hak milik?

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Bagaimana boleh kami membantu anda? you?

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You will be required to go through a vehicle inspection by Puspakom.

You are advised to book an appointment early with a Puspakom centre near you before sending your car for inspection, as some centres might be busy or overbooked. Take note of the reference number provided by the operator once you’ve confirmed your preferred date and time.

On the actual day of inspection, please bring along your original VOC or Vehicle Registration card.

For original VOC, you are required to get a copy printed at JPJ. The owner of the vehicle must be present and there will be a fee charged for the reprinting.

You will also be asked by Puspakom if the buyer is paying in cash or taking a loan, therefore it is important for you to be aware of this prior to the inspection day.


lebih 5 tahun lalu