Bagaimana boleh kami membantu anda? you?

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Bagaimanakah saya boleh mencari mekanik yang boleh dipercayai?

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Bagaimana boleh kami membantu anda? you?

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Derrick Tan

Here are some useful tips:

Word of mouth: Ask your family members and friends for recommendations. Find someone with the same car make and find out which workshop they use. Ask how their experience was like with the mechanic.

Take a chance: Experience the mechanic first-hand by visiting his workshop for something minor such as an oil change. This allows you to see and experience their service before commiting to them.

Start your search early: Don’t wait until your car is in a bad shape before searching for a good and trustworthy mechanic.

Speak to your dealers: Check their service department because, “No one knows your car better than your dealer”.


hampir 6 tahun lalu